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Hello! I am Alexandra. I’m a culinary pioneer for peace, one meal at the time. I write for wild-hearted lovers of great food and raw nature, who believe in the holistic ritual of sharing a meal together. For you, who knows food to be a great bridge builder. Not just about eating, but more than anything about relating.

Before I was (re-)born in the kitchen, I had a career as a PA to an MD in logistics management. With hindsight, these jobs are not at all unrelated. First of all it’s about being of service and well-being. It was very much an internationally oriented job. Being a lean management linking pin, I was trained to inventing systematic applications for the elimination of waste. A rather handy asset in a professional kitchen! Time pressure, deadlines and especially supply chain efficiency are as important in a restaurant kitchen as they were in my past life previous job.

All change in life has a determining moment. My aha! came after my children had moved out of the house for studies and free-spirited living. As a new empty-nester, I started questioning everything. Why I lived in an urban setting, what I did for a living and what I really stood for. How I could contribute more, how I could really step into my power and how I could make a living out of my greatest passion whilst making sure I would land butter side up. It took me a while to gain enough confidence find the answers, but I got there. Food had always been my main heart game for more than 30 years, so I started cooking professionally. And once I did, the universe conspired in my favor.

I landed a job for the summer season as a kitchen chef in Sweden, rented an apartment in a shared living community, moved from the Netherlands to Nordkoster and changed my daily commute from a Fiat 500 to a self-operated ferry and a rusty bicycle. Kosters Trädgårdar is not just any place.

 It is a true gem, located in its own fabulous organic vegetable gardens on a very beautiful island. Run and owned by a rockstar permaculture gardener called Helena and her husband Stefan, together with dedicated staff and an always lovely group of Wwoof’ers, this place is a must visit if you ever find yourself in the Swedish Västra Götaland area. The luxury of cooking straight from garden to guest does not get any better and I learned a lot about the plant-based lifestyle.

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All our preparation methods ensure our food is as close to its original state as possible, with his natural healing force intact.


"My only hope is that for a moment I helped you see the world a little bit different."