Here at de Groene Chef we try to support you in eating healthier, feeling better & being happier by serving you natural, fresh products. We are 100% vegan friendly and go organic wherever we can. We serve fresh, wholesome foods that nourish your body and mind and we guarantee that your food is always cooked from the heart.


“Changing the World, one Plate at a Time.”

Lunch & Dinner

We’ve crafted a menu to satisfy your craving for comfort food. We don’t compromise on quality, so being kind to yourself can now be pure indulgence. Each dish is stacked with flavours and surprising ingredients.

Cakes & Desserts

Come by and grab a decadent treat for the road or, if you have time to linger, settle in and enjoy our warm and welcoming surroundings right in the centre of Tilburg.


Canapes and bowl food that will make your mouth water!

We cater private parties, corporate functions and grand celebrations.

Good for you, Good for the Planet.

We always ensure that all our food is kept as close to it natural state as possible.
keeping all the goodness intact and giving you the best that nature can offer.

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