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Give yourself a high-vibrational energy bath with our Healing Aura Mist and transform unpleasant energies or emotional debris into harmonious, uplifting vibrations. Healing Aura Mist is a smokeless and alcohol-free purifier of unwanted energetic residue and can be used in every environment, such as at work, at home and in your car. 


Each bottle contains a smoky quartz crystal and high-vibrational organic essential oils such as white sage, rosemary and frankincense. Smoky quartz is the perfect crystal for letting go, grounding and getting rid of emotional and energetic baggage. Smoky quartz can assist you in moving on towards a brighter future.


White sage cleanses, purifies and calms while Frankincense, the 'king of essential oils', eases anxiety, enhances mindfullness and boosts immunity. Rosemary soothes and rejuvenates in this botanical blend.


Close your eyes and spray the Healing Aura Mist between 3-6 times around the top of your head in a circular motion, allowing the droplets to fall into your aura/energy field. Use as often as you need. Shake before use.


"I Am Clear"


€ 22,00Prijs
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