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This botanical roomspray contains the perfect energetic imprint and infusion of pure plant ingredients and crystals. Instantly create a smokeless sacred space by spraying the mist in your (healing) room, over your altar or even on your yoga mat! Shake before use.

Essential oils, such as holy wood (Palo Santo), white sage and bergamot give our Sacred Space Mist a beautiful fragrance and cleanse and uplift your environment from stagnant energies.


Each bottle of Sacred Space Mist holds a Labradorite crystal and a piece of Palo Santo heartwood. This wood is  traditionally used by healers and shamans for spiritual purification and energy cleansing. Labradorite crystal promotes higher consciousness and bridges the physical realms and heavens, bringing your dreams and aspirations within reach.

"I Am Limitless."

Sacred Space Mist

€ 22,00Prijs